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I enjoy blogging and try to do it on a regular basis. The decision to have seperate blogs instead of one big one was made because the content of each is so different. New posts from all my blogs are announced on Twitter and Facebook.


My newest blog, "Vingtaine" is the documetation of my post-college personal life -- I upload photos, videos, recipes and links. The name is French for "twenty-something."

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Just A Humble Journalism Student

As the name suggests, this blog is about my experiences as a student journalist.It is published through Tumblr and began as an assignment in MMC2100 in Fall 2008.

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Dead blogs

While I no longer update these blogs, you can still see samples of my writing and photography.


On Janaury 5, 2010 my friend told me about Project 365 where people take a photo every single day of the year. Instead of waiting until January 1, 2011, I grabbed my camera and started shooting right away.

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I started it Spring 2008 to share my college experiences and opinions with my family and friends, replacing the print newsletter I used to send out. Now that I've left "The Swamp," this blog has been replaced by "Vingtaine."

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