multi-media portfolio for Bridget Higginbotham


I learned how to use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop in high school and improved my skills by taking a design course at the University of Florida in Fall 2010.These are some of my projects from that semester. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger PDF version.

Magazine prototype

In Spring 2011 I was the creative director, photographer and paginator for Health Junkie, a prototype developed by my magazine management group. Our publication was selected as best from our class and sent on to the The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's magazine division student content.

Pamphlet redesign

For my final project, I redesigned the first 10 pages of the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty's pamphlet about the legal tools to end homelessness. If you click on the "before" image, you'll see that the original publication was clunky, dated, visually uninteresting and lacking in entry points for the reader.

I wanted to make the pamphlet appealing yet simple so that people such as guidance counselors and social workers could actually access the the great information. Side bars highlight important details such as contact information that was getting lost in the original copy. I chose the black and white scheme to give it a somber tone as well as keep the printing costs low. The photos are all results of flickr searches for "homeless children."

Department page redesign

Our second assignment was to redesign a department page in a magazine. I chose to rework a training page from Fitness RX for Women. I thought the original design had too many competing elements and no flow. In my design, I anchored the page with the photo cut-out on the bottom. The goal was to make the page sporty but not too masculine.

Personality project

Our first assignment in the design course at UF was to make a double spread showcasing our personality.
Personality Assignment