multi-media portfolio for Bridget Higginbotham

Health Junkie Magazine

"Health Junkie" is a prototype of a health and wellness publication targeted at college students created as a project for Magazine Management (JOU 4510) at the University of Florida. It took our team four months to come up with concept, editorial line-up, business plan, copy and design.

Health Junkie magazine


We received a 95 for our prototype, 96 for a our business plan and 100 for our presentation, as graded by Dr. Julie Dodd and Ted Spiker, UF professor and "Men's Health" contributor. Our project was selected as best in our class and was sent on to the The Magazine Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication's Student Division Contest .

My role

The entire team functioned as an editorial board,collaboratively making decisions about the publication. Because of my experience with InDesign and photography, I was named the team's art director. I organized and photographed our two shoots, created our department head logos, selected the color palette, found stock images online and laid out all the pages including the ads (our copy editor Cayla Stanley helped me get the layouts started). The team selected existing ads from other publications as samples of what would run in our publication.

Click on our magazine cover to see the 32 pages of our prototype, which represent a full 124-page publication.

Health Junkie prototype magazine