multi-media portfolio for Bridget Higginbotham


Published Video

Published by the Gainesville Sun on April 9, 2011. Originally a project for Professor Amy Zerba's JOU 4946, Applied Journalism, it was my first time using Final Cut Pro and the school's Canon Vixia camera equipment.

First Video

This was my final project for Professor Mindy McAdams's JOU 4930 Multimedia Reporting course in Spring 2009.It was my first real video.
I had to have another table tennis player translate for me because Dongxiang Zhen, the subject, did not speak English.

Professional Enterprise

I made this for INsite Magazine's advance coverage on the local ballet's spring show.
Interviewing the company director for a routine events brief, I was inspired to cover the show more in-depth and pitched the idea to my editor.
While at INsite I also shot behind the scenes footage of photoshoots for the monthly Editor's Video.